29 July, 2013

Edinburgh Festival dates with Angela Lemaire

 Two years ago McNaughtan's bookshop in Edinburgh showed some of Angela's work  in their gallery upstairs during the Festival and this year they have again given over their gallery to her work but especially to celebrate her new book with us - Jubilate AgnoWe hope there will be some reading this blog who may have the opportunity to visit and see more of Angela's work as a painter and printmaker.  The book itself is described in detail on our website

McNaughtan's would be delighted to see you in their gallery and/or at the poetry readings. They have sent out a notice which gives the details of the event.

  Angela Lemaire: Alpha & Omega

An exhibition in celebration of the publication of Jubilate Agno by Christopher Smart (1722-1771), published by The Old Stile Press in 2012. On show will be some of the images made for this book by Angela Lemaire, as well as her other, related works and artist’s books. There will be woodcuts, linocuts, drawings, paintings and special books.
(All works for sale)

Private View: Monday 5th August 6-8pm

Poetry Readings

Angela Lemaire and Nicky Toneri will give readings from Christopher Smart's at McNaughtan's Bookshop on Wednesday 14th August at 2 p.m, 3 p.m and 4 p.m.

Exhibition continues until 31st August
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11.00 am to 5.00 pm

McNaughtan’s Bookshop, 3A & 4A Haddington Place, (Leith Walk), Edinburgh, EH7 4AE
Tel: 0131 556 5897 Email: mcnbooks@btconnect.com
Web: www.mcnaughtansbookshop.com

21 July, 2013

DO try this at home! . . .

 . . . if you have half a chance, and before the nannies start to twitter.
Surely, this is what childhood is all about!


Agility, coupled with a bit of brotherly co-operation,
leads to

satisfaction, and a

great bowl of cherries!

18 July, 2013

Black spots on a peacock's tail.

There are many logistical imperatives that determine the order in which these pages return to the press for another printing. The need to change the colour of the ink on the press as seldom as possible is one obvious one and the fact that the effect of green on grey can be very different from grey on green.

It is, therefore, the result of an entirely logical sequence (and yet totally unplanned) that yesterday saw me printing the final colour on the final image on the final side of the final sheet of this mightily laborious - but fabulous - book, The Third Thing . . . and that this last thing should be the finishing touch to one of the most beautiful images in the book . . . black spots on the peacock's tail . . . together with some 'drawing' on the legs and head and a cloud!

Below are the sheets before the black spots. This side of this sheet has been printed on four times already. To say nothing, of course, of the fact that the other side has also gone through the press four or five times as well.

Below that, we have Ralph Kiggell's wood block for the 'black' printing . . .

N.B. It will invite you to click to 'read more'. PLEASE DO THAT.
I did something by mistake and cannot reverse it. If anyone out there can help . . . HELP!

13 July, 2013

A Cool Printing for a Hot Day

 I can hardly believe it but I am really coming to the end of printing these images for Ralph Kiggell's The Third Thing.

My printing office is cruelly cold during the winter but deliciously cool in summer. Added to that I was printing the final, 'black' (actually a very dark green) block on this wonderful image - which happens to be very 'close to home'.

When Ralph was staying with us last year, we showed him the place where we had seen our own otters on the icefloes on Christmas day. He made some sketches and the next we knew was that he had placed this wonderful otter image at Catchmays Court.

Anyway, that is Frances and me up there at top left!