28 June, 2009

Before they all go over . . .

Sunday evening. I've had a good day in the printing office, enjoying the advantages of its stone walls and cave-like feeling as the temperatures here creep up the dizzy 20s!

All sorts of things I should do this evening, I am sure, but I just thought I would indulge myself by posting a number of ROSE photographs taken, in one quick go round the garden, a couple of days ago. No captions, no latin names . . . just some photographs I hope you will enjoy.

NOTE: They look so much better enlarged with a click!

1 comment:

Iulia said...

These photos remind me of Japan's Sakura [cherry blossom, jap.] festival. People there simply go out and have some quality time admiring the abundance of soft pink flowers. Simple yet very refreshing; thank you for posting the photos.