21 October, 2009

A change of scene

We decided to take ourselves away for a couple of days to try to rid ourselves of some accumulated end-of-summer-that-hardly-was glooms. Partially successful only, to be honest, but I was happy to return with some of the inevitable camera full of photographs . . . of which these are a proportion.

I somehow feel they are different from my usual (blowsy, romantic!) style and that they rather reflect my mood . . . or perhaps that is simply my take on things.

If you can spare the time, do click them bigger for they seem to want as much space as they can get, as do I!

They are not intended to provide memories of particular places but, for the record, we were in Lyme Regis, Portland and Cerne Abbas - all in the county of Dorset.

. . . and finally

a photograph of Frances reprising her end-of-the-pier triumph in the role of Winnie in Samuel Beckett's Happy Days!


clixchix said...

These are beautiful images Nicolas, and seem steeped in the Neo-romantic tradition to me, coming from a similar world as Paul Nash's photographs of Swanage. That sense of emptiness and the appreciation of negative spaces. (Which given what you do is not surprising in the least.) These are extremely appealing, and not at all tinged with darkness. Maybe there should be a slender yet satisfying edition!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Nicolas, I echo what clixchix said. These photos are truly works of art. I wish I could see what your unique camera-eye would have done with Tavira, in Portugal, where I just spent a week and came back with rather banal pics (see blog). Granted my camera is very poor in pixels but that doesn't explain it.