19 October, 2010

Editing the evening sky

Heartened by the fact that four or five people, quite separately, have said, during the last few days, that they are avid readers of this blog and that they like some of the photographs, I am encouraged to get some recent ones 'up'.

After posting on previous occasions my 'editing' of rocks and sand and one thing and another, I present this tiny exercise very modestly as it was all over in two or three minutes and I did not take many shots!

I should incidentally say a thankyou to Frances for drawing my attention to these sights in time for me to grab my camera before it was too late!

And, as a ps, here are some studies of a rose hedge in October.

The leaves are still full of green life but the hips . . .

those that were not eaten by the finches and whatnot when they were so invitingly scarlet . . .

have decayed into a state which I find distasteful and beautiful at the same time.

Où est 'le spectre de la rose'?


Natalie said...

Nicolas, the sky pictures - stunning! And that profile on the top one - did you edit it or did it emerge like that all by itself? In any case, all are beautiful, including the decaying berries. Magnificent.

Frances & Nicolas McDowall said...

Thanks, Natalie, for your encouragement, as usual.

No, I did not edit the first shot (apart from cropping) and I had not even noticed the profile until you mentioned it! To be recklessly honest, I do not quite know how the shot happened. Quite by mistake I think!