28 May, 2011

If anybody out there still remembers me . . . Hi!

I have been silent for about a month and that must be, I fear, a mortal sin in these days of instant and total communication! I don't tweet (should I say that I am not a twit?) and I keep ignoring folk who want me to join their Facebook (whatever that entails) and I certainly don't want any forum for myself which would demonstrate me to the giggling world as "Nicolas No-friends"!

When I started this blog, however, I did believe in it . . . and I still do. I enjoy posting something and I enjoy the occasional comment (how often do I comment when I visit friends' sites) but sometimes I just don't feel like it. It may be because I am really busy with one thing and another and sometimes I cannot think of anything interesting to say or, if I can, I fear I just cannot summon the effort to put it down in the little box. This blog will never be daily instalments of the History of Civilization as we know it and I can only hope that followers do continue to click the button every so often - even when the chance of there being anything new to see becomes vanishingly small!

I DO like taking photographs, however.

As there is, this evening, either too much to say or too little (if you understand), I decided that I would rush round the house and outside with my camera for a short time before the sun went behind the hill. I quickly took what I felt inclined to take and here are a few of them . . .

. . . just to say Hi!



Heavens, dragons have returned to the Wye valley! That is indeed news.

Thank you for the post, it's lovely to see these sensory snippets of Catchmays Court.

Holly Dean said...

I love to see what you capture with your camera AND what you have to say. It matters not if you blog regularly... I get a little thrill when I see a post has been made :)

clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

Dragons at Catchmays Court and dragons at Ty Isaf. There must be something in the air!!!