07 June, 2012

. . . in praise of rain

Although I love and need the sun,
I have to admit to being really excited by wind and rain.
This image should be a movie
so that you could see the sheets of rain moire-ing up the valley
but at least you can get an idea of the tree's movement
and can see the small god passing up-river on his little cloud.
The tree is of course my favourite Aspen . . . planted it myself!
As always it is the very last to greet the Spring,
holding itself in skeletonic check for almost a month after the rest.
 Then . . . the grand entrance,
a burst of incredible growth (not that many days ago in point of fact) and then all is made up.


Don said...

I have been retired for years, now. I write little books as a hobby. I, too, like rain and wind. They seem to project energy. Energy is very welcome to we old folks.

When I read ". . . in praise of rain," I was reminded of the following Haiku that I put in one of my hobby books years ago:

Some do not like rain,
Wet, refreshing rain. Sometimes
I Tire of it, too.

I enjoyed your post very much.

Jan Marsh said...

love your blog! i'm preparing a talk on William Morris and The Book [not that one] so have been looking at present day heirs to KP
all good wishes
Jan Marsh