22 August, 2013

Mighty teazel!

Ever since my Grandmother called me (a teenager) to see the miracle that had been wrought in her tiny garden in Winchester . . . a self-seeded teazel in all its glory . . . this plant has been one of my  absolute favourites.

This year the same miracle has happened to us. This plant grew up among the grasses and wild flowers on a bank. All but it have been scythed and now it stands alone in all its architectural and sculptural wonder!

As I was investigating a particular head with my camera's lens, the bumble bee just came into the shot and began to pose!


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louis hemmings said...

my mother, fresh from urban London, moved to Dobegal with my father to set up a hand weaving cottage industry. my dad dyed and hand wove colours that my mother had created.

she used teazels for raising mohair when Donegal Design was starting off in 1951. she jammed them onto knitting needles and held them in place using a wine cork. no electricity, no running water, no car just a bicycle up in the mountains of the Irish speaking district of Croveigh