02 April, 2007

April Moon's Fool

Someone told me that, if you cut a round hole in some blue-black material, draw a bit of a horizon line on it and put it up behind something in the foreground like a tree, it would photograph just like a full-moon coming up. Well, I tried and tried and got nowhere fast so . . . I went outside and photographed the real thing!

Sorry but that is the best I can do! We were so self-absorbed that neither of us even realized it was April 1st yesterday until the evening!

I have been indulging in much displacement activity recently. What I am avoiding is irrelevant. More to the point is that most of the time is going, going, gone at the computer . . . where I am seriously trying to come to terms with such undiscovered lands as iDVD, iMovie and suchlike and HOW on earth can one uplift an utterly brilliant and amazing little slideshow to blip.tv (or anywhere else, come to that) so that YOU can see it!! I sat in the sun all this morning reading manuals and STILL cannot get the thing to work!

And I just know you are all quite unable to settle to your lives for waiting for it . . .

Sorry, again. This joke has gone far enough as well . . .

It's just the fact that we discover that this BLOG is already being read IN FOUR CONTINENTS. It has rather gone to my head . . .

Anyone out there in Africa??

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