03 April, 2007

Mozart and the Stone

This is a first experiment - after ages of frustration as described below!

If you go here, you can see it full-screen which is much better but you have to let it load sufficiently otherwise it stutters and breaks up.

With grateful acknowledgement and utter awe to Mozart.

Dedicated to Natalie d'Arbeloff, without whom . . .

Well, that was such fun . . . I must do another one!


Natalie said...

Nicolas, as I've just said over at blip.tv, this is wonderful and I'm chuffed to receive the without-whom honourable mention. You chose the perfect music for these images and they are amazing. I assume you noticed that the stone has a half-animal/half-human face? Now I've seen that I can't NOT see it! I'll email you now about technical stuff.

Marja-Leena Rathje said...

Ever since Natalie posted about your blog, I've been following it with pleasure. This is a magestic combination of image (I love rocks!) and music and motion! When Natalie isn't so busy promoting her book, I'll have to get some tips from her and try it too!